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Classification Question
Reservation Q. How to reserve?

After you fill in the reservation form in our website,

we will send an email about the room confirmation and reservation process guidance.

Please reply the e-mail and pay the deposit within the specified period, the reservation will be complete.

You can use bank transfer or PAYPAL for the deposit paying

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Room Q. Is there having a room for 4 or more people?

All of the rooms in Mini Hotel :Dalkom are for 2 to 3 people.

If you are 4 or more people you can use the connection room.

Connection Room is consisting by a Double & Twin Room, if you open the door between the rooms it will become a big room.

And the Double room is available for extra bed, the connection room is maximum for 5 people.

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Courier Q. Can I send a courier to hotel?

You can use the courier service to hotel for online or offline shopping.

Please provide the booking name, recipient's name and check-in date to us, we will keep it and return when you arrived.

If the recipient's name is different from the recipient's name the delivery maybe delayed.

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wi-fi Q. Do you have Pocket Wi-Fi or SIM card rented service?

If you request via email before arrive we will be prepared and you can take it at airport

In case you forgot to reserve before arrive, we can also provide a discount coupon of Myeongdong branch to you.

Please inquire with our front desk staff for more information.

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